GiliSoft Video Editor Serial key 17.5.0 Free Full Activated

Gilisoft Video Editor Serial key is a powerful yet easy-to-use video editing program for Windows. With a timeline-based workspace, array of effects, and wide exporting capabilities, Gilisoft can handle everything from trimming gameplay captures to producing spectacular YouTube videos.

What is Gilisoft Video Editor Serial key?

Gilisoft Video Editor Download free is a non-linear video editing application developed by Gilisoft for the Windows operating system. It allows users to perform professional-grade editing of video footage and projects for personal or commercial use.

Some key facts about Full version crack Gilisoft Video Editor:

  • Works on Windows 7, 8, and 10 machines (both 32-bit and 64-bit systems)
  • Supports the import and export of all major video formats
  • Features multi-track timeline video editing capabilities
  • Packed with 100+ video effects including filters, titles, transitions, elements, split screen templates, and animated text
  • Enables precise speed control, color correction, chroma key, 3D LUTs, screen recording, DVD authoring, and much more
  • Available in multiple pricing tiers based on features needed

Whether you’re brand new to editing or a seasoned video pro, Gilisoft aims to provide an intuitive workspace to bring your video projects to life.

Gilisoft Video Editor Serial key

Getting Started with Gilisoft

Downloading and installing Gilisoft Video Editor is simple. The installer package can be obtained from from our site.

System requirements are quite modest—most modern Windows machines should easily support it. Minimum specs call for an Intel i3 processor, 4GB RAM, DirectX 9 graphics, and 2GB storage space. More power is recommended for smoothly editing HD and 4K footage.

The installation process is very straightforward with clear options. Initial program setup involves selecting your preferred interface theme and configuring any input/output devices for capturing footage. Custom keyboard shortcuts can also be set at this stage.

importing media in various common formats like MOV, MP4, AVI, MKV, and more. Files can be instantly previewed in a compact media library panel to review before adding to your edit.

Key Features and Tools

Gilisoft Video Editor Serial key comes well-equipped for all sorts of editing tasks thanks to a solid toolkit:

Timeline Workspace

The timeline UI is where you’ll arrange clips on multiple tracks with precision. Intuitive tools make slicing, trimming, splitting, and reordering clips easy. A visual representation of your project’s audio waveform is also displayed atop the footage.


To smoothly transition between clips and scenes, over 30 different wipe, fade, and dissolve effects are available. Simply drag transitions between edit points on the timeline. Duration and alignment are easily adjustable.

Text & Titles

Add customizable animated text overlays to your project for intro titles, captions, credits, lower thirds, and more. Options include position, size, font, color, opacity, animation, and inheritance settings between text objects.

Chroma Key

For green screen videos, quickly remove backgrounds with intuitive chroma key controls. Fine tune settings like tolerance, edge feather, hue, saturation, brightness, and more to achieve a perfect alpha matte over your footage.

Multicam Editing

Sync up footage from multiple camera angles and cut between them dynamically in real-time. Align camera angles by timecode or audio waveform to create seamless edits from multiple viewpoints.

Export & Share

After completing your edit, export in a wide range of formats tailored for different playback devices, social media platforms, DVD authoring, and more. Conveniently upload YouTube right from the app.

And much more! 3D LUT color grading, keyframing, speed control, filters, drawing tools, screen recording capabilities, and enhanced audio editing round out the features.

Editing Techniques

While many tools are available in Gilisoft Video Editor, knowing how to utilize them for efficient video editing takes some practice. Here are some key tips and techniques:

Organize Media

When starting a new project, import relevant media clips to your media library and review. Advisable to establish a file naming convention early on for easy identification. Sort and rate useful clips with stars.

Slice clips

Use shortcuts like “S” and “W” on your keyboard to quickly slice clips into sections on the timeline. Remove unwanted heads and tails of shots this way.

Trim Precisely

Alternate between coarse and fine trim modes on the timeline when needing to shave excess frames off the start or end of a clip. Enable snap-to-clip for easy adjustments.

Multi-cam editing

Sync angles by timecode or waveforms. Toggle between camera views live while timeline plays. Cut and switch dynamically by marking edit points.

Mix Audio

Control levels, panning, input/output routing for greater audio precision. Add music, voice overs, and sound effects. Automate volume changes over time with envelope tool.

** Animating text**

Customize motion paths, anchor points, opacity, position, scale and rotation changes over time by setting keyframes on attributes. Creates stylistic title effects.

Nest Sequences

Organize related clips into nested sequences on the main editing timeline, keeping projects tidy. Treat subsequences like a single clip.

And the list goes on! Applying LUTs for color grades, stabilizing shaky shots, mastering multi-channel audio, using green screens—the robust toolset can handle it all.

Output and Delivery

Once your masterpiece edit is complete, outputting and delivering to your intended audience is critical.

Gilisoft Video Editor Serial key offers tailored export presets for several platforms and devices like:

  • YouTube & Social Media
  • HD TV & Mobile Phones
  • DVD & Blu-ray
  • MP4 Files & Image Sequences
  • And more

Conveniently upload finished videos directly to YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo right within the app. Media can also be written to optical discs and USB keys.

When publishing to the web or sharing digitally, codec choice and compression levels are key for managing quality and file size. Gilisoft features format presets optimized for this.

Standard definition DVDs and high definition Blu-Rays can also be authored to watch edits on the big screen. Design interactive menus, chapters, multiple audio tracks, subtitles, and more for polished disc burns.

How Does Gilisoft Compare to Other Programs?

So how does Gilisoft stack up against popular alternatives like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, VEGAS Pro, and more? Here’s a high level comparison:


  • Extremely affordable pricing tiers for capabilities
  • Lightweight and lower computer resource demands
  • Very customizable interface and shortcut mappings
  • Solid stabilization and motion tracking tools
  • Intuitive chroma keying for green screens


  • Less frequent major updates compared to competitors
  • Smaller selection of third-party plugin options
  • Does not feature collaborative workflows
  • Advanced compositing and particle generators not included

Overall, Gilisoft punches far above its weight class and price point. For the budget-conscious video producer not needing the full breadth of features offered in high-end software, it’s a great option. Easy to use tools for fast timeline editing, effects, color, audio, and exporting make common tasks a breeze.

Yet for large VFX productions, 360? video edits, cinematic color grading, and such, the likes of Adobe CC and DaVinci Resolve still lead the pack in power. Though at a much heftier cost and steeper learning curve.

So consider what types of editing projects you’ll be working on most. Gilisoft Video Editor warrants serious consideration for well-rounded, novice to intermediate level work.

Gilisoft Video Editor Serial key

Helpful Resources

Transitioning to using new video editing software always comes with challenges. To help smooth the learning curve, Free download Gilisoft Video Editor Serial key offers a variety of helpful resources:

Training Manuals

Comprehensive user guides and manuals cover the basics of importing, editing tools, titles, effects, outputting, and more. Massive resource for learning.

Video Tutorials

From the official Gilisoft YouTube channel, find useful video lessons walking through common workflows like green screen removal, slicing techniques, custom intro animations, and more.

Forum Community

Connect with a community of Gilisoft Video Editor users by joining the forum online and posting questions or help requests. Often the fastest way to solve an issue.

FAQ Database

Search the extensive knowledgebase and FAQ section on the Gilisoft site. Find answers to commonly asked questions for troubleshooting.

Support team also accessible via email and contact form to provide one-on-one assistance when really stuck. Taking advantage of these learning materials can quickly level up your skills.

And there you have it—the most definitive guide possible to mastering Gilisoft Video Editor! With a solid fundamental grasp of its tools and capabilities, your creativity is the only limit when producing your next viral video masterpiece.

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